Sitemap for Google Video - Quick Start

Create XML Sitemap File For Google Video

1) Press New button, select Google Video and press OK.

Sitemap for Google Video project

2) For adding a new video, press Add button.


3) In the URL field of appeared window enter the URL of the page where the videos are located. The URL indicates the target page of the video (also known as a playback or a source page).When a user clicks on a search result of the video, the transition performed to a specified target page. The URL address must be unique.

Add a new Video

Last modified – The date of last modification of the file. Note that this tag is not related to the header “If-Modified-Since (304)”, which may return the server; thus search engines can differently use the information from these two sources. By default the information is taken from the Settings of the project.

Use "Last Modified" – uncheck if you don’t want to select the Last Modified.

Change Frequency - Probable frequency of changes on this page. This value provides general information for search engines and may not correspond with the exact frequency of crawling the page. By default the information is taken from the Settings of the project.

Use "Change Frequency" - Uncheck if you do not want to select the Change Frequency.

Priority – The priority of the URL relative to other URL on your site. This value does not affect the comparison of your pages to the pages of other websites - it only lets the search engines indicate which pages, in your opinion, are the most important for the crawlers. By default the information is taken from the Settings of the project.

Use "Priority" - Uncheck if you don’t want to select the Priority.

4) Now let's switch to Google Video tab.

Add Video

Here you can add some videos for one page. Press Add button.

5) The tab Required Attributes:

Google Video Sitemap

Video URL - Direct link to a video file. Acceptable formats of videos for Google Video Sitemap are MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, MOV, WMV, ASF, AVI, RA, RAM, RM, and FLV. If URL Flash Player is already listed then you can skip this point. But we strongly recommend specify the URL of the video.

Flash Player URL - URL pointing to a Flash player to a specific video. It can be not specified, if the video URL is indicated, but we strongly recommend you to specify the URL of Flash player.

Embedded in Google - If you select Yes, Google will give an opportunity to play videos directly in search results.

URL of video thumbnail – The reference of the image, which will be visible until the play video. Desirable the same ratio that the video has.

Title - The title of the video, maximum 100 characters.

Description - A brief description of the video, maximum 2048 characters.

6) Let's switch to Optional Attributes tab.

Video Sitemap

All these attributes are optional and may freely be not set. Google will index your video without these settings too.

Rating – The rating of the video. You can specify the number from 0.00 to 5.00. For example 3.43. Rating can be used if you have video rating system on your site. The result of that evaluation should be entered.

Video view count - If you know approximately the count of views of your video on your website, you can set this value.

Expiration date - The date after which your video will not be available.

Publication Date – The date of publication of the video.

Family friendly - Specify No if you want your video won’t be available to users who include safe search mode.

Duration - The duration of the video in seconds. You can specify a number ranging from 0 to 28800 (8 hours)

Country restriction -List of the countries where the video is available. If the list is empty, the video will be available in all countries.

Price - The price of downloading or viewing the video if it is paid. If no - leave it empty.

Gallery Location - A link to the gallery of videos, where the video is placed. If you are going to specify the gallery, you should also specify the Gallery title.

Name​​/Handle of the video uploader – User’s name or nickname who uploaded the video. it is also possible to provide a link to User page URL.

Content segment location - If the video content consists of several parts, such as separate raw video files (for example if the film is divided into several parts), then you should specify a list of links to all parts in the order in which they should be played.

Requires subscription - If subscription is required for viewing the video (paid or free), then you need to check and specify YES. If no you can uncheck or just select NO.  

Category - Here you need to specify the category of the video. You should indicate only one category in one line, a string no longer than 256 characters. For example: "Cars", "Baking", "Politics", etc.

Video tags - You can specify the tags or keywords to the video. Here is available to specify a set of tags, which refers the video, even if the video belongs to one category. For example the video about cooking kebabs can be considered as "cooking" but also have the tags "meat, fire, summer, nature” etc.

After all these settings, it is possible to save the project.

7) Now you need to save the XML Sitemap file. For that, press the XML button.

XML Sitemap

8) The window should appear with the message that the Sitemap files has been successfully generated, where you can click the button Open in Folder see your saved XML Sitemap file for Google Video.

Open in folder

9) That’s all, your XML Sitemap for Google Video is ready. Now you have to download it to a server and inform search engines about your Sitemap file. You can do it for free via our website: