Generate HTML Sitemap

1) Navigate to New button, select Standard Sitemap and press OK

New Project

2) Afterwards, press on Crawler button

Crawler Button

3) Enter the website's address and press on START button to crawl you website. Wait till the completion of crawling process and close the crawler with CLOSE CRAWLER button.


4) Then, press on HTML button to open HTML Sitemap generating tool.

HTML Sitemap

5) In front of you is the tool to export HTML Sitemap.

HTML Sitemap

More detailed about each setting:

Page Properties section

Title - Text, which will be displayed in the <title> tag of each HTML Sitemap page.

Heading - Text, which will be displayed on the top of each page..

Last Mod. (Last Modified) - Text, near which, the last modification date of the page will be displayed. You may prescribe "Last Modified:".

Navigation - 3 types of navigation are possible:

Short - Links not on all pages are displayed on HTML Sitemap pages, but convenient navigation for fast passage on pages is delivered.

HTML Sitemap navigation - Short

All Pages - Links on all generated pages will be displayed on all pages of HTML Sitemap. It is not recommended, whereas, firstly it doesn't look good, secondly - if you have, let's say about 10000 pages, at the final count there will be too many external links.


HTML Sitemap navigation - All

Categories - Links between sitemap pages will be displayed as site categories (defined by nesting level).

HTML Siemap Navigation - Categories

URL quantity - defines the quantity of URLs on each page.

Background color - The choice of page's background color.

Link Settings

Here you can set the colors of the link, the active link and the visited link of a page.

Font Settings

You can set the style, size and color of font.

Table Settings

Here you can modify the primary settings of the table, where the links of pages on your website are formed. The "Group Directories" setting groups all pages by enclosure directories.

Preview HTML Sitemap tab

In this tab, you can preliminary see the first page of your sitemap. All remaining pages will be in correspondence with the first one.

Collect Missing Titles- If for whatever reasons the page title won't be defined, by pressing this button, the program will try to find and register all empty titles from pages. The information will be taken from the <title> tag.

Refresh Titles - If your titles are out of date, by pressing this button, you may update them all.. The information will be taken from the <title> tag.

6) After all adjustments, you may press on Export button to export all pages to the export directory.

7) A window with a message about Sitemap being successfully generated should appear, where you can push the OPEN IN THE FOLDER button and see your saved HTML Sitemap files.

Open in the Folder

Or you may press the Upload button and the program will generate and then upload all your HTML Sitemap files on the server by previously set FTP adjustments.