Program options

The program settings could be changed in Tools -> Options.

4 tabs are available in this menu:


Here, you can change the program language. New language settings will be applied after program restart.

Options - Language


Edit URLs Confirmation - if option is enabled the program shows confirmation dialog when URL is beeing edited.

Delet URLs confirmation - if option is enabled the program shows confirmation when URL is beeing removed.

Enable Shift+Delete (delete without confirmation)

Options - Confirmations

Proxy server

If your internet connection uses proxy server, then the settings could be entered here.

Required fields:
Address - address or ip proxy of the server
Port - port of proxy server

Optional fields:
User name - in case the proxy server requires autorization.
Password - password of the proxy server.

Options - Proxy Server


Check for update on startup - it is recommended to check this box. In this case the program will automatically check the available updates and will inform about them during the loading.

Options - Updates