Project Settings

It is possible to adjust the project by press the Settings button


In the appeared window we see the two main tabs:

  • Project Settings
  • Crawler Settings

Project Settings

All adjustments of the project are applied only to the current project.

Project Settings - General Settings

Project General Settings

Date/Time Format - Choose preferred time/date format for your Sitemap file.

YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD - 2010-01-01T00:00:00+00:00
YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD - 2010-01-01T00:00+00:00
YYYY-MM-DD - 2010-01-01

Time Zone - Choose a time zone for your Sitemap file, it's possible to set a time zone for a website.

Default Last Modified Date/Time.- The date of file's list modification. Note that this tag is not related to the headline тАЬIf-Modified-Since (304)тАЭ, which may return the server; therefore search engines can differently use the information from these two sources. The program will use this setting only when the crawler automatically won't find the date of file's last modification.

Use Default Change Frequency - Probable frequency of change on this page. This value provides general information for search engines and may not correspond with the exact crawling of the web-page.

Use Default Priority - The priority of this URL relative to other URLs on your site. This value doesnтАЩt impact the comparison of your pages to the pages of other websites тАУ it just lets the search engines know which pages, in your opinion, are more important for the crawlers.

Project Settings - File Settings

File Settings

Sitemap File Name - Sitemap file name at .xml or .html documents generation (depends on the type of the file, the program will automatically set necessary extensions). If you want your final Standard XML Sitemap file to look like sitemap.xml, then here it's necessary just to prescribe sitemap.
If the quantity of files is more than one, the program will automatically generate file names. For instance: if the file name is sitemap, then the other files will be sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml etc.

Export Directory - Directory, all generated projects will be saved in. It's better for each project to use a separate folder.

Clear the export directory from .xml ╨╕ .gz files - At turning-on the program will automatically delete all existing .xml ╨╕ .gz files from the folder, before saving a new one.

Use GZip compression - select the checkbox, if you want to use compressed Sitemap file. You will need this in case if the size of your Sitemap file exceeds 10 MB. In this case file compression will be .xml .gz

Index File Settings

Quantity of links in Sitemap file -Enter the maximal quantity of URLs for one Sitemap File. At excess of this value the program will automatically carry out splitting of the Sitemap file to necessary quantity of files and accordingly will create Sitemap Index File.

Name of Index File - Enter the name of Index File.

Sitemap file destination - Shows the destination of Sitemap Index File. You need to indicate noly root address of the website, where the sitemap files will be.

Use Last Modified Date for Index - At turning-on the program will automatically use the latest date of URL modification out of all Sitemap files included in Index file.

Project Settings - FTP Settings

With the help of FTP, You can automatically upload already generated Sitemap file on your server via the program. For that, you firstly need to adjust FTP connections for the project.

FTP Settings

FTP Server - Server name for connection (host).

Login- User account (User Name).

Password - Connection password to server.

Remote Catalog - Indicate deleted catalog on server.

Use passive mode for transfer- Turn on this option If your server supports only the passive transfer method.

Keep connection alive - At turning-on, program supports FTP connection, occasionally sending orders to server.

Project Settings - Filters


The given filters allow controlling the display of columns on the main window of your Sitemap project.