Standard XML Sitemap - Quick Start

Create Standard XML Sitemap File.

1) Navigate to New button, select Standard Sitemap and press OK

New Project

2) Afterwards, press on Crawler button

Crawler Button

3) Enter the website's address and press on START button, to crawl you website. Wait till the completion of crawling process and close the crawler with CLOSE CRAWLER button.


4) Now we need to save XML Sitemap file. For that we need to navigate to XML button.

XML Button

5) A window with a message about Sitemap being successfully generated should appear, where you can push the OPEN IN THE FOLDER button and see your saved XML Sitemap file.

Open in the Folder

6) That's it; your XML Sitemap for Standard XML is all set. Now you only need to upload it on server and notify search engines about your Sitemap file. You can do it online for free via our website: