What's new in the new version of Sitemap Writer Pro?

version 5.4.5

Added a new setting - Encode URLs which will allow you to control whether to encode URLs or not. In some cases Encoded URLs have more user-friendly view in the program but this can bring to not correct indexation. The setting is activated by default.

version 5.4.4

Fixed issue related with URLs containing [] and blankspace symbols.

version 5.4.3

Fixed issues related with HTML sitemap navigation URLs and opening project with double clicking on the project file.

version 5.4.2

Fixed redirection issues. New look for Find/Replace tool.

version 5.4.1

Fixed bugs concerning the previous release.

version 5.4.0

New feature - Add files from FTP server. Opportunity to clear error list in crawler. Multiselection of lists in Project Settings (Exclude list, File extensions etc.). When adding files from local computer, item date is taken from the file date.

version 5.3.9

Fixed issues with find/replace and \x22 javascript coding.

version 5.3.8

New settings for Google Video sitemap. Now you can create Video sitemaps which will fully meet Google specifications.
New tool - add local files.

version 5.3.7

Now crawls some JavaScript items. Full support of PhotoMoto engine for Photographers. More comfort to create Google Image sitemaps.

version 5.3.6

Fixed minor issues.

version 5.3.5

Fixed some minor bugs and made improvements on crawler.

version 5.3.4

Improved crawler.

version 5.3.3

New Video sitemap option - Video tags.

version 5.3.2

New crawler settings option - HTTP timeout.

version 5.3.1

HTTP GZip compression support.

version 5.3.0

New settings option added - URLs are case sensitive.

version 5.2.9

Added data import support from a CSV file and fixed all found issues.

version 5.2.8

Fixed issues with window resizing and issue with pluses (+) in URLs.

version 5.2.7

Fixed issue with FTP manager.

version 5.2.6

Improved Google Video Sitemap creating tool.

version 5.2.5

Fixed some minor issues.

version 5.2.4

Fixed some minor issues.

version 5.2.3

Convert RSS feed to Google News Sitemap, image URL filters for Google Image Sitemaps, long URL (over 1024 symbols) exclusion and other minor changes.

version 5.2.2

Fixed some minor issues.

version 5.2.1

Fixed issue with Image Sitemaps and other minor issues.

version 5.2.0

Added Import from HTML Sitemap feature, improved Google Image, Automatically adding images to Sitemap.

version 5.1.1

Fixed some minor issues related with the program.

version 5.1.0

Google Image Sitemap support, improved crawler.

version 5.0.0

Now works with millions of URLs, Project for every website, News Sitemap, Video Sitemap, Geo Sitemap support, Automatic creation of Sitemap Index file, Ready-to-use settings, Definition of maximum depth of the crawling, Very quick crawler and many new useful features.